We receive everyday a wide variety of offers for the sale of areas, and it is important to highlight that a lot of these offers present significant problems. These issues are complex in nature and encompass a range of obstacles that cannot be easily ignored or overcome, requiring thorough and careful analysis.

So far, we have found that majority of the received area offers
have serious documentary issues.

However, due to the spread of false information about us by individuals with questionable reputation, we have decided to clarify the main reasons why we have not acquired the areas we have evaluated so far.

Furthermore, we are prepared to provide the owners of the offered areas with the outcome of our analysis. In this report, we will include the reasons that led us to not acquire the property, as we understand that sometimes a negative situation mentioned in the report can be clarified or addressed by providing additional documentation that may impact our decision.

To do so, we kindly request them to get in touch with us here. Please note that only the owner of the property can make the request.

The area was titled by the municipality

No municipality is authorized to grant titles to rural areas unless there is a specific law backing it up. So far, no seller has been able to provide a document proving the existence of such a law regarding certain municipalities.

Foreigner in the ownership chain

It is not allowed for foreigners as individuals to own rural properties in Brazil. If there is a foreign buyer in the ownership chain, it is necessary to obtain authorisation from INCRA . So far, no seller has provided the required authorisation document for this type of transaction.

Without proof of ownership origin

We have received a considerable number of documents with confusing ownership chains, where the origins of property are uncertain, whether it is by individuals or companies. These pieces of information often lack sufficient or accurate details about the transition of these areas from public to private domain.

Areas without coordinates

he absence of coordinates for an area makes it impossible to determine its location, identify overlaps, and verify if it is privately owned. It is essential to have accurate geographic information before considering the acquisition of any property. There is no possibility of purchasing without knowing the exact location of the property.

Increase in size without proof

We have received offers of areas that have exponentially increased in size over the years, reaching up to 1000%, without any evidence or authorisation. However, when we request evidence and documents to justify this increase, we are left without any response.

False or adulterated documentation

This situation is undoubtedly one of the most recurrent. We always make sure to verify the authenticity and origin of the documents provided.

Overlaps in public areas

In addition to the prohibition of acquiring public areas as they belong to the government, our focus is on private environmental preservation. Therefore, we have no interest in acquiring areas that are already under protection.

The high deforestation

Our goal is to preserve what remains of primary forests in Brazil and the world. Therefore, by acquiring an area that has already been deforested, we would not be fulfilling our purpose of environmental preservation.

If any doubts arise regarding these reasons, we are available to provide further clarification. As a company committed to the quality and legal compliance of the areas we acquire, we take this matter seriously. We are ready to ensure transparency and address all your inquiries.