1. Only Primary Forest
  2. Minimum of 10 000 hectares
  3. Documentation Available
  4. Only private areas
  5. As we want to make the difference, well protected forests are not in our interest

First step

Receipt of Offer and Documentation

The first step is the receipt of an offer containing information about the municipality, size, and price of the forest, along with the Mandate granting the broker the powers to negotiate the property. We also request the KML file and the necessary documentation. The basic documentation includes the Certificate of Full Content, ITR, CCIR , CAR , and the definitive title.
It is important to note that if the documentation provided is more complete, we will be able to provide a quicker feedback.

Second step

Negotiation Meeting

If there is interest in the area presented based on the documentation and information provided, we will proceed with a meeting with the seller and/or owner. During this meeting, we will discuss price negotiation and other relevant matters.

Third step

Analysis of documentation by our Experts

Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of the provided documentation. The time required for this analysis will depend on the quantity of documents submitted by the seller. If we receive only the basic documentation, we will need to invest more time in document retrieval, resulting in a longer timeframe to provide a response regarding the acquisition of the area.

Fourth step

Meeting following a Positive Analysis

If the analysis results are positive, we will schedule a new meeting with the seller and the attorneys representing both parties. During this meeting, relevant legal matters will be discussed in order to potentially proceed with the drafting of a purchase and sale agreement.

Fifth step

Purchase and Sale Agreement

At this stage, we will draft the purchase and sale agreement, including the necessary conditions. Additionally, we will establish the deadlines for each stage from this point onward. After the contract is approved by both parties, a period of 7 days will be granted for document signing.

Sixth step

Legal Due Diligence and Land Visit

Following the contract signing, our legal team will conduct a thorough examination of the documentation, along with a potential site visit by our local team. This analysis period is necessary prior to the signing of the public deed, which will only take place if the final analysis yields a positive outcome.

Seventh step

Public deed and payment

Following the initial analysis, it may be necessary to request additional documents to obtain the final opinion. Once these documents are provided and the analysis result is positive, we will proceed with the signing of the public deed at the registry office, along with the payment as agreed upon in the contract.

*Multiple meetings between parties may be requested at any time during the negotiation.

*Negotiation will run through the aforementioned phases only if all stages are approved by our experts

*The duration and the forest purchase process takes an average of 2 months and can change (depending on the quality and amount of documents available)

Important Informations

Regarding the Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)

Our commitment to signing a confidentiality agreement (NDA) is limited to unexplored areas that have not yet been subjected to our analysis. Therefore, before formalizing any agreement, it is essential that we have basic information such as the KML file of the area, its exact size, and the municipality where it is located. These data allow us to consult our database and check if there is already a corresponding offer in our portfolio, which, in this case, would disqualify the area.

We do not sign Letters of Intent to Purchase without prior analysis of the area

It is essential to know the location and conditions of a property before considering its purchase. In previous experiences, we have found that some Letters of Intent to Purchase were used by sellers solely to obtain authorization to sell the area, a procedure we consider unacceptable, as we internally search for areas of interest.

We only negotiate and enter into Confidentiality Agreements with sellers who have a Mandate

The Mandate is essential for us as it certifies that the seller has the necessary authorization to negotiate the area in question. Furthermore, the Mandate guarantees the seller the right to receive a commission from the owner for the sale, emphasizing that the commission is not our responsibility but that of the area’s owner.

We do not have representatives for area search in Brazil

Most of the Bioporio team is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, although it comprises representatives from each continent where we acquire lands, and each country has its specific requirements. Regarding lands in Brazil, for instance, which is the country from which we receive the majority of offers, all steps related to analysis, documentation, and negotiations are conducted exclusively in Dubai.  No individual in Brazil is authorized to officially represent us as Bioporio in the search for areas; only our lawyers in Brazil are authorized to represent us on certain occasions.