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Over the recent years, so much news about deforestation and illegal logging has reached us daily. One night, a good conversation about deforestation between friends made it clear that there is a lot of media attention to this problem, but…

By knowing and talking about deforestation, you do not change anything about it. The only way to have an effect is by being involved. Once a forest or any patch of nature becomes your liability, you can really determine what happens to it. It’s a big responsibility because it’s the future of our biodiversity.

That night, the foundations of what Bioporio pursues were laid:
purchase and organize the preservation of forests.

Many meetings later, the whole idea evolved into a significant undertaking. Today, Bioporio works with private resources from shareholders with a single objective, which is to acquire primary forests to save their original biodiversity.

The offices are based in São Paulo and Dubai, where Brazilian experts work together with other nationalities to pursue our company’s purpose.

We have global and local experience. That means that we are not naive about the effects and responsibilities of owning large forests. We strongly believe in cooperation of local communities with terrain awareness.

A lot is written about carbon credits. Our opinion about it is this: if they are made available to us, that’s a plus – but that’s never a reason to buy a forest. Forests need to be ‘actively’ threatened to get carbon credits, but in our opinion all primary forests are actively threatened and we will not let administrative considerations determine whether a unique ecosystem deserves protection. We care about all biodiversity equally and feel a sense of urgency towards all.

Our journey started initially with an acquisition in Brazil, as we understand that the Amazon cause is the most coveted in the world, but we make acquisitions on all continents.

Do you know of an endangered forest that meets our criteria and can be purchased? Let us know!


Our search for a strong name that expresses the company’s ideas and intentions, Bioporio emerged as a combination of two words. The first is “Bio”, originated from Biodiversity. The second is Porio, a Latin origin word that means crossing, passage, journey. In this way, combining the meanings of the two words, we say that Bioporio is willing to cross the timeline and save biodiversity for the next generation.